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Features by tag: #california

Raise a glass for Jack's House.

  • Cheers to the Nicklaus' partnership with the Terlato family to produce a delicious, affordable and philanthropic line of California wines. Jack's House Foundation supports children healthcare and education efforts around the world. With 10% of net sales going to charity, each glass of this Chardonnay and Cabernet consumed is doing good. And these are really good value house wines.
  • Full feature | Posted 2017-03-07.
  • Tags: #whitewine | #california | #chardonnay | #redwine | #cabernetsauvignon | #steakwine | #seafoodwine

Sonoma Friends forever. Sonoma blend 2013 photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Cheers to four generations of the Pedroncelli family farming and making wine in Dry Creek Valley, nearly 90 years, and their mission to quietly create authentic wines at incredibly reasonable prices. In the hands of the third generation, it’s now a 70% woman-owned company. Sonoma blend 2013 is an unreserved, easy-going blend of Merlot, Zinfandel, Syrah and Petite Sirah. It’s a ten dollar bottle of some the best Sonoma has to offer. Friend this red.
  • Full feature | Posted 2017-02-13.
  • Tags: #redwine | #california | #merlot | #zinfandel | #spaghettiwine

Estate sale.

Estancia Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir 2014 vintage photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Estancia is translated from the Spanish word for “estate”. Estancia, owned by Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ), controls winemaking from experimental vineyard block trials to planting, harvesting, fermenting, and aging the wines. I recently picked these 2014 varietals at Donelson Liquors and was impressed with the current quality for the price. As for Donelson Liquors, their wine selection is fairly limited, but they do offer 10% off wines on Mondays. Cheers!
  • Full feature | Posted 2017-01-31.
  • Tags: #whitewine | #redwine | #california | #chardonnay | #cabernetsauvignon | #pinotnoir

Handcraft by Cheryl Indelicato.

Handcraft by Cheryl Indelicato photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • The Indelicato family is one of California’s oldest in the vineyard and winemaking business. Cheryl is third generation and HandCraft is her brand with her style. She teamed up with winemaker Alicia Ysais to make these fruit-forward, easy-drinking, yet distinct wines. HandCraft supports Breast Cancer Awareness, too. Cheers!
  • Full feature | Posted 2017-01-03.
  • Tags: #redwine | #california | #spaghettiwine | #steakwine | #chickenwine

Starts well, finishes well.

Rodney Strong Sonoma Chardonnay 2014 on Winewaves & More.
  • Rodney Strong Chardonnay 2014 is a finely balanced Chardonnay from Sonoma with nice complexity at a great price. Cheers to Rodney Strong Vineyards and their devotion to Sonoma County - it most definitely comes through in this Chardonnay.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-12-13.
  • Tags: #whitewine | #california | #chardonnay | #chickenwine | #seafoodwine

California Cab in Bourbon barrels.

Robert Mondavi Bourbon Barrels Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Cheers to this wine breakthrough which is completely American: aging California Cab in used American oak bourbon barrels. The result is awesome for the price. To be a fairly young Cab going into the bottle, the use of bourbon barrels really seasoned the wine generously in a short time.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-11-29.
  • Tags: #redwine | #bourbon | #california | #cabernetsauvignon | #burgerwine | #steakwine

Toad for the Hollow days.

Toad Hollow Russian River Merlot Richard McDowell 2013 on Winewaves & More.
  • Cheers to Toad Hollow's approach to delicious wine which is interesting, fun, and affordable. Toad Hollow Merlot Richard McDowell 2013 opens with penetrating aromas of dried cherries, cranberries and cedar that lead forward to lots of fruit and spice on the palate, good acidity and a cocoa dust finish. It's officially holiday season and this wine is invited to our house.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-11-01.
  • Tags: #redwine | #california | #merlot

Finding your sister in the wine business.

Truvée Central Coast Red Blend 2013 photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • The women behind Truvée are passionate about making wine and connecting with wine lovers around the world. But the real story is how they nearly missed finding each other in life. Separated early on in life, half-sisters Andréa and Robin McBride were living seemingly parallel lives 6,500 miles apart in wine growing regions in New Zealand and California. Their reunion was a turning point that put them on the same path making wine, beginning in 2010. Cheers to finding their wines locally which are excellent for the price.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-10-06.
  • Tags: #whitewine | #california | #chardonnay | #redwine | #shiraz | #grenache

Hey Mambo, guess what's in it.

Hey Mambo California Sultry Red 2013 photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • The recipe for this red blend is as unique as the sultry flavor experience. Cheers to a great bottle to drink, plus you can have fun trying to guess what's in it. Hey Mambo California Sultry Red 2013 displays blueberry, cherry, vanilla, pie spice and a whiff of molasses. Delicious!
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-09-29.
  • Tags: #redwine | #california | #spaghettiwine | #breakfast | #tempranillo


Bogle California Chardonnay 2014 photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Clarksburg Chardonnay is supposed to display apple and pear aromas and flavors. Bogle fermented these expressive grapes in stainless and blended this Clarksburg juice with barrel-fermented Lodi and Monterey Chardonnay that had undergone partial malolactic fermentation. The result is mouthwatering and a best buy.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-09-14.
  • Tags: #whitewine | #california | #chardonnay | #chickenwine

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