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Woodland Wine Merchant's 6 for 60.

Woodland Wine Merchant's 6 for 60 photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Cheers to Woodland Wine Merchant's 6 for 60 promotion. This idea hits a remarkable price point and delivers a global wine experience curated by Nashville's favorite wine merchant. Will Motley's modest sized store covers a impressive collection of wines, spirits and beers that you probably won’t find elsewhere, right in the center of East Nashville. The 6 for 60 promotion is a perfect occasion for using my Clos Denim tote, and it has East Nashville style. Wine reviews to follow.
  • Full feature | Posted 2017-02-15.
  • Tags: #nashville | #business

Tennessee Beer and Wine Festival.
Two Rivers Mansion, Oct. 15th.

Two Rivers Mansion, site of Tennessee Beer and Wine Festival photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • The Tennessee Beer and Wine Festival began in 2010 and has given over $100,000 to charities in the Donelson Hermitage area. That includes funds given to the host location, Two Rivers Mansion. Last year 1,700 tasters attended and sampled beer from 40+ breweries and dozens of wine labels. This year's event is Saturday afternoon October 15th.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-08-31.
  • Tags: #nashville

Steak and a Show.

The Show Mendoza Malbec 2014 and California Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Any of the red grapes of Bordeaux can play the lead in a one-man show depending on where and how they are grown. Here Charles Bieler, Joel Gott and Roger Scommenga (aka the Three Thieves) present two similar and recommended steak wines from the same vintage, different grapes and hemispheres. The labels are a collaboration with Hatch Show Print begun in 2005.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-08-05.
  • Tags: #steakwine | #nashville | #redwine | #california | #cabernetsauvignon | #malbec | #argentina

Hopping the suburbs.

Founders ReDANKulous, Bell's Two Hearted and Blackstone Adam Bomb photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Here is a sensational flight of three high gravity IPAs that come with high ratings and plenty of fans. Surprisingly all three were found in the cooler priced as singles at nearby suburban Donelson Wine and Liquors. These IPAs each have big personalities, all have very hoppy architecture.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-07-29.
  • Tags: #ipa | #nashville | #michigan

Nashville IPAs.

Nashville IPAs - Black Abbey Five Points, Tennessee Brew Works Cutaway Rye, Yazoo Hop Perfect, and Fat Bottom Knock Out, photo by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • It sort of has a ring to it. The IPAs could be the next team in Nashville and now there are plenty of locally brewed players. I recently poured four readily available local IPAs to take a close-up look and taste side-by-side.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-07-13.
  • Tags: #ipa | #nashville

Moonshiners coming to Opry Mills?

Opry Mills Mall located in Donelson area of Nashville photo by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Smith Creek Moonshine appears ready to operate a distillery, tasting area, and retail shop in Opry Mills mall. Nashville Metro council must approve an amendment to permit artisan distilleries there, and a federal permit and DSP# must be obtained.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-07-11.
  • Tags: #moonshine | #business | #nashville

Jerry Hall, Editor
Three strikes, you're in.

Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • After 17 years in various roles with Frugal MacDoogal's, they dropped me. I started as a night cashier, working my way to the role of contract web guy, until being sacked. So Winewaves & More is started. Or better yet, restarted. The "& More" refers to the addition of spirits, beer and literally more to be determined. It's always five o'clock somewhere. Grab a glass. Cheers!
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-06-28.
  • Tags: #nashville