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Raise a glass for Jack's House.

  • Cheers to the Nicklaus' partnership with the Terlato family to produce a delicious, affordable and philanthropic line of California wines. Jack's House Foundation supports children healthcare and education efforts around the world. With 10% of net sales going to charity, each glass of this Chardonnay and Cabernet consumed is doing good. And these are really good value house wines.
  • Full feature | Posted 2017-03-07.
  • Tags: #whitewine | #california | #chardonnay | #redwine | #cabernetsauvignon | #steakwine | #seafoodwine

Vineyards and horses.

Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Excelsior Estate is now owned by the fourth and fifth generations of the De Wet family, farming the land of their ancestors in Robertson Valley South Africa, about 100 miles east of Cape Town. In addition to wine growing, Excelsior has a long history of horse breeding which inspired the label theme. Cheers to their ability to deliver such a high quality and distinctive estate Cabernet at this price.
  • Full feature | Posted 2017-02-28.
  • Tags: #redwine | #cabernetsauvignon | #steakwine | #southafrica

Looking for a bite.

Brotte La Grivelière Cotes Du Rhone Tete De Cuvee 2014 photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Maison Brotte is pictured on the front label of this Cotes Du Rhone cuvee, named for the Thrush bird species that overpopulate this region of southern France and feast on vineyard grapes. While Brotte is known for producing Chateauneuf Du Pape, cheers for this negociant label which offers a taste of the region at a very accessible price. La Grivelière Tete De Cuvee 2014 opens with aromas of blueberry and raspberry filled doughnuts, and the palate carries through with aromatic fruit, warm spices plus a firm gravelly backbone that is looking for a fun bite to eat.
  • Full feature | Posted 2017-02-27.
  • Tags: #redwine | #france | #grenache | #rhone | #chickenwine

Tempranillo Dude.

Flaco Tempranillo 2015 photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Flaco translates to "dude". Tempranillo is Spain’s signature grape. Madrid is the great unknown in terms of Spanish wine regions, but it’s the home to old Tempranillo vineyards and wines selling at excellent prices. Flaco is fun to sip by itself but would be a highly versatile food wine. Cheers to this expressive taste of Madrid at a super price for a sustainable estate wine of this quality. Local price/750 ml: 10. (included in Woodland Wine Merchant 6/60 deal, 2/9/17.)
  • Full feature | Posted 2017-02-24.
  • Tags: #redwine | #spain | #tempranillo | #chickenwine

Carmenère: Alive and Well.

Apaltagua Reserva Carmenère 2015 photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Cheers to the family-owned Apaltagua Winery for producing small batch, estate grown, appellation-based wines from Chile. Consulting winemaker Alvaro Espinoza has pioneered biodynamic grape farming techniques and he was one of the first to bottle Chilean Carmenère. The grape had been misidentified as Merlot by Chilean producers, which wasn't good because Carmenère ripens later than Merlot. Thanks in part to Espinoza, Carmenère is now one of Chile's signature varietals. Given time to ripen, it's dark, fruity and spicy with green notes and soft tannins. Apaltagua is a perfect introduction to Chilean Carmenère and a excellent value.
  • Full feature | Posted 2017-02-21.
  • Tags: #redwine | #burgerwine | #chile | #carmenère

Argentina to you.

LaPosta Tinto red blend 2014 photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • LaPosta translates to "the tavern" where the farmers meet to discuss their soils, their vines, their quest for superior flavors. Cheers to Laura Catena and winemaker Estela Perinetti who produce this line in collaboration with Argentina's best small-family growers. The grapes for Tinto were grown at an average 3,000 foot elevation on vines 30 years old. This is a delicious blend of 60% Malbec, 20% Syrah and 20% Bonarda, a great deal as part of Woodland Wine Merchant's 6/60 deal, 2/9/17.
  • Full feature | Posted 2017-02-17.
  • Tags: #redwine | #malbec | #argentina | #burgerwine

Sonoma Friends forever. Sonoma blend 2013 photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Cheers to four generations of the Pedroncelli family farming and making wine in Dry Creek Valley, nearly 90 years, and their mission to quietly create authentic wines at incredibly reasonable prices. In the hands of the third generation, it’s now a 70% woman-owned company. Sonoma blend 2013 is an unreserved, easy-going blend of Merlot, Zinfandel, Syrah and Petite Sirah. It’s a ten dollar bottle of some the best Sonoma has to offer. Friend this red.
  • Full feature | Posted 2017-02-13.
  • Tags: #redwine | #california | #merlot | #zinfandel | #spaghettiwine

A very benevolent King.

King Mendoza Malbec 2014 photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • King Malbec 2014 is sort of like a delicious ready-to-drink Bordeaux. Guarachi Wine Partners is the producer and importer of this label. While their name isn’t that familiar, some of their southern/western hemisphere labels are. Cheers to this recently developed label that delivers super value.
  • Full feature | Posted 2017-02-04.
  • Tags: #redwine | #malbec | #argentina | #burgerwine | #steakwine

Estate sale.

Estancia Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir 2014 vintage photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Estancia is translated from the Spanish word for “estate”. Estancia, owned by Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ), controls winemaking from experimental vineyard block trials to planting, harvesting, fermenting, and aging the wines. I recently picked these 2014 varietals at Donelson Liquors and was impressed with the current quality for the price. As for Donelson Liquors, their wine selection is fairly limited, but they do offer 10% off wines on Mondays. Cheers!
  • Full feature | Posted 2017-01-31.
  • Tags: #whitewine | #redwine | #california | #chardonnay | #cabernetsauvignon | #pinotnoir

Handcraft by Cheryl Indelicato.

Handcraft by Cheryl Indelicato photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • The Indelicato family is one of California’s oldest in the vineyard and winemaking business. Cheryl is third generation and HandCraft is her brand with her style. She teamed up with winemaker Alicia Ysais to make these fruit-forward, easy-drinking, yet distinct wines. HandCraft supports Breast Cancer Awareness, too. Cheers!
  • Full feature | Posted 2017-01-03.
  • Tags: #redwine | #california | #spaghettiwine | #steakwine | #chickenwine

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